21st Century Hours of Operation and Transportation Details

The Titusville 21st Century Community Learning Center program runs from immediately after school until 6:00 P.M. each day that school is in session in the Titusville Area School District for children in grades one through eight. When there is an early dismissal, or snow day, the Titusville 21st Century Community Learning Center program will NOT be in session. 

Children from Main Street Elementary School are escorted by our program teachers to the Titusville YMCA. Those children attending from Pleasantville and Hydetown Elementary Schools will be bussed directly to the Titusville YMCA by 21st Century Community Learning Center busses that will be at Pleasantville and Hydetown Elementary Schools each day. Transportation home in the evening beginning approximately at 5:45 PM will run as follows: Children attending from Pleasantville area will be bussed to the Pleasantville Elementary School. Children attending from the Hydetown, Cherrytree and Centerville areas will be bussed to the Hydetown Elementary School, the Cherrytree school and the Centerville post office. It is important that parents arrive at their respective elementary schools by 6:00 PM each day that the program is in session to pick up their children.

Children whose parents or designated pick-up persons are not present to pick up them up will be transported back to the Titusville YMCA where the parents will be responsible for coming into Titusville and picking their child or children up at the Titusville YMCA. 

Additionally, students living within Titusville who reside several blocks away from the YMCA have the option of riding the program busses to the following three drop-off points depending on the student’s home street address.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that these in-town locations are DROP-OFF points only! The bus will NOT wait until a parent or other designated person picks up his/her child(ren). It is the responsibility of the parents to either be present to pick up their child(ren) or be aware of the time that their child(ren) are being dropped off to then walk the the rest of the way to their home.

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