Titusville 21st Century Community Learning Center Staff

The Titusville 21st Century Community Learning Center program is staffed by a team of experienced professionals.  Each child is given personal attention and allowed to grow at his/her own pace, The Titusville 21st Century Community Learning Center offers children a safe and nurturing place during after school hours where they can be children, have fun, and have the opportunities to continue to grow academically, socially, culturally, and physically. Additionally, children in the Pre-K through Kindergarten, as well as families of all program participants are offered programs and services through Genesis Family Center.



Michael Waychoff  21st CCLC Project Director

Stephanie Roberts  Education Director- PA Certified Teacher

Kyle Krepps  Healthy Lifestyles Director

Ann Waychoff  Family Services Director

Missy Russell  Healthy Lifestyles

Wes Shaver  Customer Service

Adam Peterson PA Certified Teacher

Curtis Taylor PA Certified Teacher

Darly Edwards PA Certified Teacher

Katie Peterson PA Certified Teacher

Rebecca Clementi PA Certified Teacher

Angela Stromdahl PA Certified Teacher

James Waychoff PA Certified Teacher

Laurie Andrako  Human Services Specialist

Carrie Mitchum Child Development Specialist

Kimberly Burns  Teacher Aide

Kristi Neely   CACFP Food Program Coordinator

Marlene Wescoat  CACFP Food Program Assistant Coordinator

Merle Hamilton  Program Assistant

Cody Hunter  Certified Lifeguard

Fawn McLaughlin  Cultural/Fine Arts


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21st Century Learning Center


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